Factory Side Logistics

Factory Side Logistics

Factory Side (or Origin Side) Logistics Services

Transmodal maintains a global network of strategically placed Container Freight Stations (CFS) to provide our clients with the benefit of multi-vendor consolidations with a standardized information flow and container loading procedures.

Man in hardhart and safety vest scanning a box in a warehouse

Our global network provides our clients with a variety of Origin side value added services, including:

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Buyer Consolidations
  • Direct to Store Consolidations
  • Direct to Consumer Consolidations
  • Pick & Pack
  • Kitting
  • Repacking
  • Barcode Labelling

Consolidation Service

Looking up at a large container crane moving a container

Our Consolidation Service is tightly integrated with our Vendor Management and Import Logistics services to eliminate handoffs and increase the speed of delivery. Using the latest inventory management systems and techniques, our consolidation warehouses receive final inventory allocations and prints shipment labels for final delivery (to save the cost and time of doing it at destination).

View of working dock at night

We can also split Purchase Orders and stage cargo by zones. So, depending on the final store, warehouse, or consumer destination, you can lower overall shipment costs by optimizing routings to the West Coast, Mid-West, South and East Coast. All operations are automated with bar-coding to eliminate keying errors and improve overall process quality. Our staff can also perform cargo inspections and help resolve quality issues with your supplier

Cargo Consolidation

Physical consolidation efforts are coordinated via our regional stations to ensure that all merchandise is received in compliance with instructions provided by the individual importer. All markings and numbers are then meticulously checked to assure they meet importer specifications. Once the merchandise is validated, it is then loaded onto ocean or air containers for shipment. Distribution of load, size, style, color, and other shipment and container criteria may be fully customized. Our goal is to provide a seamless integration with your existing operational model and uninterrupted service no matter the load requirements.

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