Trade Compliance 

Our worldwide network of offices can function as your company’s overseas export & import offices.


Did you know that you are liable to the US government for duties, penalties, and fines even if you are relying on what you thought was correct information from you supplier, vendor, freight forwarder, or customs broker?  Did you know that various legislation passed in the past few years subjects both Importers and Exporters to Criminal penalties as well as fines in the millions of dollars?  How do you know you are complying with the law?  How do you know if you are you overpaying the government in duties and taxes?  Allow Transmodal to assist in your trade compliance matters.


Transmodal’s staff of licensed Customs brokers will analyze your problem or business and advise on solutions that either minimize your exposure or assist in recouping money that should not otherwise be paid to the government. Transmodal’s Trade and Compliance Services include:

Duty Minimization


  • Duty Drawback
    Are you going to export cargo you have previously paid import duties on? We can help you recoup 99% of the duty that you paid. 

  • Post Entry Amendment and Protest
    Have you overpaid duty? We can help you get a full refund.

  • CF28 Customs Information Requests
    Do you need assistance to file CF28 requests? We can help.

  • Binding Ruling Service
    Do you need a formal interpretation from Customs? Let us help you obtain a binding ruling.

  • Continuous Bond Application
    Give us a call to find out how your company can take advantage of the benefits of having a continuous bond on file with Customs. Click here for Customs Bond Application.

Trade Analysis
  • Landed Cost Calculations
    Do you need to understand your total landed cost? We offer a per shipment landed cost report that factors in transportation and clearance charges as well as duties and any other charges that apply. 

  • Tariff Engineering
    Allow our highly skilled staff to analyze your import structure and develop strategies for matching your manufacturing and distribution processes with beneficial tariff rates under the HTS and available free trade programs.

  • Import/Export questions? 
    Our experienced staff can provide answers to complying with import/export requirements.


Penalty Avoidance
  • Recordkeeping Service
    Are you concerned about Customs’ recordkeeping requirements? Transmodal has a recordkeeping service to maintain your Customs records either electronically or hard copy.

  • C-TPAT
    Transmodal is a validated member of C-TPAT and has been cited for “best practices”. We are ready to help evaluate your supply chain and help you achieve membership in this important Customs program.  For more information on C-TPAT, click here. 

  • Customs Audits
    Are you about to undergo a compliance audit from Customs or wish to prevent one? Our trained staff is ready to evaluate your import processes to minimize the intrusiveness of a Customs audit.

  • Export Analysis
    Allow our highly trained staff to analyze you export transactions so that you may avoid the burdensome criminal and civil penalties under several recently enacted export laws.  Our service includes Denied Party screening and a review of licensing requirements under ITAR and EAR.


If you would like any more information on any of the above services, contact us