Transmodal has been helping companies import from China and the rest of Asia for over 40 years.


Transmodal Corporation is a family owned and operated company focused on delivering the highest level of global logistics services.

Our CEO, Max Kantzer in our Shenzhen, China facility

For over forty-five years, delivering beyond expectations has been our mission. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is one that goes beyond simple words. From a dedicated account manager to access to our senior management team, we provide you with the resources you need to meet your bottom-line business goals. We are proud of our many long-term customer relationships and will continue to provide exceptional customer care to earn your business ever day.


We are a licensed and bonded International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker, which means when it comes to handling your Airfreight, Ocean Freight or Customs clearance needs, Transmodal can help.


To better serve you, our US offices are in New Jersey, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Our Worldwide
network includes over 300 offices in 56 countries.

Awarded as one of the
"100 Great Supply Chain Partners"

Transmodal Associates was formed in 1967 at the direct request of several large American manufacturers who were looking to move their production centers from domestic factories to overseas facilities. As a result, these companies found themselves facing new global challenges that required logistics solutions that were both reliable and cost-effective. 

Founded by Mr. Max Margolin and Mr. Henry Kantzer, Transmodal Associates worked quickly to establish an international network of agents and associates, enabling them to meet their new clients’ transportation needs efficiently and economically. 

Initially, the primary markets of Spain, Brazil, Italy, and Asia were the focus of the company’s efforts. Heavy investment was made in both property and in the complete range of logistics technologies available at the time. These included proprietary Warehouse machinery, packaging and labeling and sorting systems, and early applications of information systems in logistics.

Although the investments were initially aimed at the retail, garment and footwear industries, the company adapted easily to meet the needs of clients in the toy, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, and non-perishable food industries. 

In 1984, Freight Savers Shipping co. Ltd., was formed as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (today called an Ocean Transportation Intermediary) to offer both wholesale and retail services. 

In 1996, Mr. Max Kantzer, Henry’s son, assumed the position of President and has been successfully operating the companies ever since. 

In 2009, Transmodal Associates and Freight Savers Shipping was rebranded Transmodal Corporation. The Transmodal Corporation brand signifies the true level of integration among the core service offerings and highlights the wealth of new global opportunities in logistics services. And today, over 40 years after our founding, we continue to strive for excellence and to deliver to our clients the very best in logistics solutions.